Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July

We had a great 4th yesterday.  Full of projects and cooking.  Merrill finished the seat wall under the trampoline which is a big accomplishment!  Then last minute we invited some of Merrill's family over (my family was in Flagstaff) for some BBQ and other goodies.  We ended up watching Nacho Libre which gave us all a good laugh and ended the night with some fireworks outside in the driveway.  Max's favorite firecraker is the killerbee (pictured below).  It was a great time with family and opportunity to remember those who have gone before us that made this the country we enjoy today.   Happy 4th!

 My last minuet attempt to decorate for the 4th

 This salsa is almost all from our garden! 
 My all time favorite salad!

Monday, June 29, 2015

More of Max and Ramblings

 Sometimes it's hard to limit my pictures in my blog posts and I just couldn't not post more of this handsome son of mine.  He really is the sweetest boy and I feel so grateful I get to spend my days at home with him.  Right now he is really into cooking and I'm attempting to do some cooking classes with him more frequently - partially because he keeps requesting it.  And while I like to daydream that someday he will be on master chef junior, I'm really more excited about the prospect that he may help out with dinners in the future.  We cooked up a mean meatloaf last week and I'm thinking deviled eggs and hummas are in the near future for cooking adventures.  I am constantly attempting to implement more of Mommy/Max time.  This includes a box where I keep "special" items that he enjoys playing with and I work on being fully engaged and present.  However when I start to look at things to include in the box I get slightly overwhelmed with supplies needed and I resort back to our more basic playing options like legos, nerf guns, and items we currently have laying around the house.  I do have dreams of building rockets, painting masterful art pieces, and exploring the adventuresome side of science experiments. Just have to figure out a realistic way to implement it into my routine.  But with out further adieu..... 
This face just makes me laugh
 This one has future school picture written all over it
 Ah - the classic this is how old I am picture
 Max's take on the classic
 His look I'm holding a flower petal picture
 His infamous fake laugh smile
And just a cute one to end with

Max's 5th Birthday Party

This year in an attempt to keep things simple we tried a birthday party at the bowling alley... it was defiantly easier in some regards but was a bit more expensive.  Overall I think all the kids had fun and the adults did too.  After bowling we went to Grandma Jordan's house for dinner and to hang out.  And disregard the out of focus pictures - at least I remembered my camera!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Quick Family Pictures - Summer 2015

So I have been wanting to update our family pictures around the house but it's just so darn hot.   I thought I would give the whole "lifestyle" family photographs a try.  I think they turned out pretty good and they will suffice until we get our Christmas pictures done.  We had a lot of fun taking these together not to mention documenting things we actually do as a family in a pretty way is always a plus

I heart this picture of Max and I and I sort of love the 80's look I'm rocking with the bangs - hastage throw back thursday... just kidding