Thursday, October 30, 2014

18 months

This cutie pie turned 18 months this month!  I can't believe it.  Here are some things we love about our little D. He loves to dance and any time he hears something that sounds remotely like music he stops what he is doing and will start to dance.  He will repeat the most random words he hears us say - some of his favorites are go, hi, and echo.  He has two top molars in his mouth and has two bottom ones making their way through.  He always sleeps with a blanket that he will bury his face into.  He is obsessed with dogs and stuffed animals.  He pretty much eats all stuffed animals he can get his hands on.  And his face will light up any time he sees a dog of any kind.  He is so tiny!  He can still wear 9 month old onesies!  His waist is so small that when he wears 12 month bottoms they will randomly fall down throughout the day at which point he will either step out of them or attempt to pull them up.  I just laugh thinking about him trying to pull them up.  His little personality is starting to come out more and I love being able to get to see it.
  We love having this sweet boy in our home. 

 Ha!  I know where he got this from!  This isn't the only thing he has copied from Max.

 This picture is going to go in a frame - It is so him!  Smiles and bright eyes ready to take off
Gosh - he looks so much like a little boy in this picture

When Dominic saw this picture he started to crack up.  Every time he does this I will peek through his legs and he gets a kick out of it.  I think seeing himself like this was just too much and he just started laughing his head off and it was adorable.

I thank God almost every day for the chance to have this little one in our lives.  He has done far more for us then we could possibly explain.  We are so lucky and blessed!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday Part 3

We decided to stop by and see the fish hatchery while we were near by.  Max got a kick out of it. 

By far the highlight of the trip was riding our bikes up on the ridge and to the lake.  It was heavenly!  The whole time I couldn't stop telling Merrill how this was the best birthday surprise and how lovely it all was.  This is something I told Merrill we have to do again!  I'm hoping we make it a tradition

Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday Part 2

I don't think I can ever tire of seeing all this green!  I want a cabin right next to this little creek.  I couldn't stop exclaiming how pretty everything was.  The kids were in 7th Heaven, especially Max as he tried his little hands at fishing.  We didn't catch anything, but his fishing attention span increased dramatically from the last time he tried it.  I kept trying to convince Merrill we needed to buy a cabin up here to escape the dreadful Summers here.... he may have cracked just a little.  A girl can dream.  I  was made to live out in nature/country... how did I end up in the city?

Isn't it just beautiful? 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birthday Part 1

This Mr. Wonderful surprised me and took our little family up to Payson for a day trip in the woods and mountains for my Birthday.   Best. Surprise. Ever.   He came home from work and told us all to pack and he wouldn't tell me where we were going.  But I picked up pretty quick when I saw the greenery springing up all around. I dream of the day we can live up in the woods away from the city and this little retreat was just what I needed.   We stayed at Khol's Ranch for the night and Merrill grilled and we explored and then made some Smore's.  It's little moments and trips like these that I love best.   The next morning we played and explored some more around Khol's and we all were in heaven!  Loved this time with my boys.... ironically I'm not even in the picture for my first Birthday series posts.