Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Morn

 I can't help but smile as I look back to last Sunday.  It was a whirlwind of a day - from Easter Baskets, birthday hats, and most importantly remembering Christ.  We started off the morning with the age old tradition of an Easter basket.  This year we decided to have Max and Dominic share a basket.  I'm a big fan of less is more.  So the boys got some new needed church clothes of course with matching ties, some toiletries and for Max a couple of eggs with candy and some last min popcorn which was a big hit! 
 ^^^finding the basket^^^

 ^^^a mouth full of chocolate^^^
 ^^^Hanging out at grandma's after church^^^
 ^^^This guy! What can I say.... I'm a fan^^^
 ^^^Redemption Eggs - there are 12 and each one has something to do with Christ's death and Resurrection^^^
 ^^^The Hunt^^^

I am realizing how much I take what I believe for granted.  I am seeing how distracted I become in my day to day "to do's" that I forget what the most important thing I could be doing for that day is - learning of Christ.  He is real!  God is real!  I forget how much they love me and those around me so often and when I get little glimpses that remind me of their love.... like Easter.... I feel so grateful for all that I have.  There is life after death - Heaven is real!  God lives and Jesus made it possible for us to return back to God's presence.  It's a simple and beautiful thing.  One I want to treasure always in my heart and share with those around me - especially my kids.  I pray for God's help that he will lead and guide me in my efforts. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Happy Birthday little D!   We love having you with us and getting to celebrate your first birthday with you. 
This little one loves to try to eat whatever we are eating and gets very upset if he feels like we aren't sharing our food with him.   He is trying to walk and if we let him he may even be walking by now, but we are working on prolonging his hands and knees crawling time.  He can clap his hands, which is adorable, he pretends he can talk and we are still working on the sign language thing.  He can stand all by himself and he can't help but smile when he does this.   He can turn the pages in board books and being read to.  Over all this little guy is a ton of work and he is so worth it. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

sweet moments

Life seems to have a fast forward and slow motions buttons for me.  And within them if I look I find the sweetest moments.   Just the day to day things I get to do with my kids - like when little d sneezed on Max and Max said, "Mom, d blessed on me!"  Or seeing little d explore the world around him and the humor he finds  in it.  And the way Max and D get each other to laugh over the silliest things and how they  try to one up each other with the laugh but end up laughing anyways.  It's funny to see Max try to carry D around, and how D really isn't a fan of it.   And one time Max said that little D was his buddy and then on another day   Max looks at me and says, I'm Dommies brother and all I could think to say was yes you, and the best one  while he is here buddy.  I love these two boys of mine!

 Loving our new little vacuum - it works awesome on our tile and all for 50 bucks!  Plus Max loves to use it too!
 Oh these curls!  I hope they don't ever go away
 D is now drinking Milk - no more formula for this boy and he is loving it - can't you tell and look at those lips!  It's like a heart
 It never seizes to amaze me how kids enjoy the most random things - like shredding paper
Oh  look at that belly!!  I just can't get enough of it

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Families Supporting Adoption Picnic

I have loved being on the FSA Committee!  I have always wanted to be apart of it and somehow I am now in charge of the FSA Conference!  Little did I realize how much goes into something like this.  I am praying for inspiration and ideas of how to share how wonderful openness is and have informative classes so people walk away inspired.   All prayers welcome!   I can use all the help I can get. Here are some highlights from our FSA picnic and I included a picture of the AWESOME invite my way talented graphic designer brother in law helped bring to life :)  Our theme is year is.... Of One Heart

And here is this happy boy loving these confetti filled eggs from the FSA picnic we attended.  Hands down way more fun than an egg full of candy in my opinion- this would be super cute with those motion picture things people do

Friday, April 11, 2014

More Maxisums

Max is such a silly little boy. 

"Mom, what is that?  Girls don't have birthmarks, only boys.  I have lots of birth marks"

"My tummy is hungry"

Max says, "My tummy is full"  I say, "I give dessert to little boys who finish their dinner" Max replies, "My tummy isn't full anymore"

"You're a cutie Mommy"

Sometimes it isn't so much what Max says as the way he says it - with that sweet little voice of his. 

 It's hard to document how this little boy just loves to laugh - and laugh he does!

We love you cutie pie Max

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Slowly.....ever so slowly we are putting our house back together.  It's a day by day process and sometimes it feels like it is taking FOREVER to get it back to some form of functionality... So here are some overall pictures to give you an idea where we are at now.  I'm thinking once things are more in the complete stage I will  go through and give more detailed pictures to show off all my hard work!  Because let me tell you getting things organized takes some brain power and shopping for the right products.  In the meantime I am trying oh so hard to stick to my daily to do lists - I think it's time to cut back down on it to motivate me to keep at it.  Here are some tricks I am going to try this go round - using a timer and thinking about the consequences of not doing them..... ie a mess and disorganized house - that would be so sad after all the work I've put into things.... can't let that happen.
 I've already made some big changes to this room after this picture so it will be fun to see it once it is complete
 I love our computer space!  It is so nice to have two places to site for both Merrill and I - I'm hoping in the future this will be come the homework area and i'm working hard on getting this space organized and functional
 I've got to get those polka dots cut out so I can finish the dryer!!
This kitchen is going to look so different once we get around to painting the cabinets! 
I am really proud of this pantry!  It took some work but I am happy with the results and happy that it is keeping things in place - all that's left is to label everything and one more lazy susan

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coons Bluff : Family Campout

We jumped on the chance to go camping this weekend with some family.   This was Max's first official campout and I have to say it was a success.  Having the cousins there was a bonus for sure!  It was nice to see the kids get out and get dirty and play with sticks and rocks.  The only downside was the campsite. It was so packed with people it was like being in the city.  On the other hand I was loving all the amazing light and the pretty greenery.  And on a side note - I don't understand why people bring radios to be out in nature.... For me, I like to be out in nature to get away from all the noise. time I told Merrill we need to go somewhere more secluded and hopefully we will have our camper at that point.  I'm thinking the major plus side to a camper is more for the set up/take down of the camping experience, which I am all for.  I have day dreams of living in our camper for a couple of days while being parked next to a lake and sitting around reading books out loud together, swimming in the lake, and going on nature walks.  Sigh.... that does sound lovely.  One of the highlights was little, well rather big hike for kids we went on and the kids loved it.  I wasn't sure if we would make it but I'm glad I trusted in Merrill because the view was lovely and the kids felt mighty accomplished for having made it to the top.  I got a book at the library called Maxwell's Mountain and this hike really came alive for Max as we compared this mountain to the one in the book.
  Oh this boy!
 Tori and Bella - I can't get over how big they are now
Setting up Camp
 Cousins :)
 My Boys
 From the Top of the Mountain
We made it!
 Camping and Marshmallows

 Fishing - although this lasted for about 30 seconds
Throwing rocks was way more entertaining 
 As was playing with sticks
 These three - they are so silly