Tuesday, July 22, 2014

15 months!

Our little D is 15 months old.  Some fun facts about D. He loves to eat.... literally.  He wants to eat all the time.  Merrill said one day after church he woke up and the first thing as soon has his head came off of Merrill's shoulder he signed food.  We had a good laugh about that because he has a hollow leg or something.  His all time favorite thing to eat are bananas.  I will have to get a picture of it but he packs his cheeks full of bananas, hardly able to keep it all in, and will proceed to sign for more bananas.  He gets very irritated if we don't give him his own bowl and utensil to eat like us.  In the end he ends up as the picture below.  He is also walking like a champ now.  He prefers it over crawling these days.  From time to time we get little glimpse of him trying to talk from time to time.  He says Dada, Thank You, Mama, and some other random words.  He is so cute with his long hair and curls, so cute he is often mistaken for a girl.  We have loved our time with little D.  He will be going home soon.... when we can't say the date for sure but it's coming.  In the meantime we are trying to get all the hugs and cuddles we can.

 It really is a shame I can't show you more of these pictures of him on the bed and walking because they are so stinkin cute.  You really are missing out...

Friday, July 11, 2014


I'm working, ever so working, on getting some kind of routine down in this house.  One thing I am really trying to put more energy into is being 100 percent present with Max on a daily basis.  To do this I am trying out this spark box idea I got from a friend.  It's still in the early stages and I'm working on getting this thing down better.  In the meantime we are getting some more time with the two of us and I love it.  Here was one of our little activities.

 Max made the one with the little tiny smile on it - darling

Max's new favorite face to make for pictures

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Weekend

One thing I love about holidays is getting to spend more time with these favorite people.   I love when Merrill has an extra day off so we can spend them together.  It's funny how having him gone is so normal.... when all I really wish is he could be home with us all day.   I told him we should sell all we have and buy a small farm in a small town and work the land together.   I could sell homemade bread and he could start a little side internet business to bring in some extra cash.   That way he can be home all the time with us.... we both smiled and laughed, but a girl can dream.   Merrill got off early on Thursday so we ventured to the Hall of Flame Museum.  I've trying to find a place to get a membership too, this won't be one of them, but it was really cool to check out.  Max loved it.  When he asked him what his favorite part was he said the car loader toy in the kid zone, typical. Thankfully it was overcast this lovely 4th of July morning so we took full advantage and did one of our most favorite things..... we took a bike ride!  It was glorious to say the least.   As we rode I kept telling Merrill, "It's so beautiful outside!"  If I could keep the weather at a solid 77 degrees year round I would be in heaven!  While the weather was decent we thought let's go on a hike.  As soon as we were on the path the sun came out and we were dying!  So that ended and instead we opted for some Frost!  That stuff is heavenly goodness.  Later we attempted a movie as a family, somehow thinking D would sleep through it if it was during his nap time, um, not so much.  Funny thing, D was pretty good  - it was Max asking if we could go home half way through the movie.   We aren't much for crowds during the holiday season and try to avoid them when possible.  What better way then to get our own fireworks.  Alas, the kids weren't too impressed, rather more terrified of them.  So we put them to bed and went back out and had our own little fireworks show.  All in all - it was a good time.  Although me thinks I need to start some traditions around these holidays.  I'm pretty sure we need to honor donut day next year and invest in some other holiday decor besides Christmas stuff.   I'm hoping to get back on the posting band wagon again soon.  Life was a whirlwind last month so we are trying to recoop and make it a more family focused month

Monday, June 23, 2014


Sometimes I can start to feel really overwhelmed if I allow myself to dwell upon all I can't control in my life.  I realized, once again, that my challenge is not to allow all that to interfere with the day I get to live right now.   So I'm working on gratitude and focusing on all that is good around me each day.   Like these wonderful people I get to have in my life and the little and big accomplishments they make.  Max just finished his swim lessons and is doing amazing!  He was actually swimming and can turn over and float on his back.  He has learned to make the bed all by himself and he now will dress himself all on his own (before he would always ask for help, but once he learned how to snap his short buttons it gave him a big confidence boost).  He loves learning about cars, bugs, and legos galore.  Little D is almost walking.   He can stand all on his own and has even attempted a couple of steps here and there.  He is eating more veggies too!  He prefers to eat with silverwear and can say Dada and doggie.  The other day Max called him Big D and he repeated what Max said.  He could eat all day long if we let him and he loves bananas.  Merrill has a great love of health right now that he is encouraging in our family.  I mean we were pretty healthy already, but he is taking it to a new level.  He is a wonderful example to me of taking care of one's self and I'm grateful for his listening ear and patience with me.   I can finally keep my house somewhat clean - halla!  And there are just some finishing touches with projects to do here and there in our house.  Life is a treat.  I hope I can learn to savor it more as I keep practicing to see the good God has so kindly given.

Friday, June 13, 2014

swimmer time

We took Max swimming and it is apparent he needed some refresher swim lessons.  We started this week and he is doing awesome!  He is picking it right back up and we can't wait till he is done so we can start up on our weekly swims to beat the 108 weather

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today is your Birthday

It's finally here.... Max turned 4 today.  He has been asking for quite sometime when he will be four.  He is so excited to be 4 now!  We celebrated with our family on Sunday and he loved being dotted on.  Today we have been doing little things to celebrate Max.  Thanks to his Aunt Kathryn who gave us an extra bike she had to use so we could gift it to Max today.  His excitement was priceless this morning.   We took off the pedals so he could practice his balance and he has been practicing quite a bit today already.  We took him to lunch and while we sat and waited for our food I couldn't help but think how amazing this little boy is in my life.  He does the cutest and craziest things.  He is helping me be a better person and mother and I want to  be for him.  He has the sweetest heart and I can't get over how he just soaks everything up.  The other day he was playing hid and go seek with his cousins and he counted to thirty!  I know I didn't teach that to him and I asked him where he learned to count so high and he just shrugged his shoulders.  Next we went off to the $1 store to spend his 4 dollars he got as a gift from his Aunt Ginger and Uncle Mike.  I love how little simple things brings so much happiness to kids.  We love you Max.  We love that we get to share our adventures with you!
^^^Merrill has started our family on this being really healthy kick so in support of that we made a watermelon cake.... Max loved it!^^^

^^^Oh this boy!  After he blew out the candles everyone started clapping and he ran to his Daddy^^^
^^^This pretty girl is off to college soon! Full tuition scholarship to NAU!^^^
 ^^^In my attempts to encourage the kids to eat veggies.  I think it worked better on the adults.^^^
 ^^^I predict that this gift card will be buying legos^^^
 ^^^Um, sorry Max, but this was the only picture that sort of turned out of you opening this gift that you were so excited about... probably because you picked it out and wrapped it.... 
so it must be documented^^^
 ^^^These two! Can't wait till they get married next Saturday!^^^
 ^^^Max loved the money gift - by far one of the best reactions to his gifts.^^^
 ^^^These two lovely ladies are my life savers!^^^
 ^^^What can I say.... we are so lucky and we love Nicole... 
ps do you see our stairs!! EEK, I love them^^^
 ^^^Birthday morning - running to see what was down stiars^^^
 ^^^I lied, this is his best reaction^^^

 ^^^Lil D got pretty excited too, but it was over his banana^^^
 ^^^Not the best one, but it works^^^

 ^^^Taking his bike for a test ride^^^

^^^This is classic! Can't get over his tongue.... priceless^^^

Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's go for a hike

Merrill's sister, Ginger, sponsored a Hike A Thon for the Psoriasis Foundation this month.  Going out doors with my family like this makes me pine for camping more.  I love city life, but there is something so refreshing and satisfying about being out in God's green earth.  Sometimes I think I should have been born in olden times.  At least I can relive them through books.  Just finished The Virginian and I thought I had a thing for cowboys before but that was nothing to what I have for them now!  Another I just finished was Uncle Tom's Cabin.  I laughed, I cried, and was reminded of what a real good honest man is.  How I long to be as good as Uncle Tom. 

 ^^^Lil D pretty much slept the whole hike^^^

 ^^^Love how Merrill loves teaching Max - can't even begin to tell you how 
excited I am for Max to be a boy scout a^^^
 ^^^The girl and her man who made it all happen^^^

 ^^^Grandma J and Max^^^