Monday, January 26, 2015

This Boy : Maxisms

Words can't describe how lucky I feel to be this little one's momma!

It's not so much what Max says but the way he says things and does things.

While eating at a resturant he gets up and starts to dance around to the music playing.
I have a video of it that would turn any frown into a smile.

He will start to fake laugh but it quickly turns into a real laugh - hence leading to this face above.

When I start to correct Max on something or give him an instruction he will usually respond back in an excited voice: Mom, I have an idea....  and then offers another option. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Agriscape part 2 & 3

We started construction over winter break.  We hired a company to come in and pour a cement sidewalk and a new area for the grass as well as dig a hole for our trampoline.  It's 7 feet deep so we can grow under the tramp.  Here is where we are at now.  Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have the trampoline finished as well as the curbing for the grass area. 

PART 2 : Camera pictures

 There was so much dirt/grass to remove!  Good thing we had the bobcat because it saved us hours of back labor.

PART 3 : Iphone Pictures

 It doesn't look to deep but wait till you see Merrill standing in it.  Each tier will be a garden bed.  Right now we are in the process of getting the steel up to secure the tramp and to distinguish the tiers.   I am so excited to paint murals on them once they are in!

 We love the sidewalk more than I had anticipated.  It will be so much fun to walk around and for the kids to ride their bikes on

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Agriscape - part 1

Over the years I have attempted to garden, but without much luck.  Maybe it's because we live in Arizona?!  So when Merrill said he wanted to eat all organic and not buy things that weren't sprayed etc I told him we needed to have our own garden to eat that way.   Some friends of ours told us about a landscaper they used called - in a nutshell it's beautiful edible landscaping.  So we looked him up, had him come out, and decided we were going to go for it.   I loved the design he came up with and he is going to work with us over the next year once a week and teach us how to successfully grow a garden here in Arizona.  We are implementing grey water systems, harvesting water, creating our own compost/fertilizers, and making our backyard an edible oasis.  So in good old fashion - Here are the "before" pictures before demolition.  Wait till you see where we are now!  Coming soon.

I hate Bermuda grass!  It grows into everything!!  So we are getting rid of it all

 This boy!
 The chickens used to be back here, but we are relocating them

Sadly - this little chicken didn't make it through the cold front we had a couple of weeks ago.  We are down to one chicken and think we will be moving her to a new home and starting over with some chicks

Christmas Part 2

 Christmas day was pretty low key.  We went to my parents house in the mid morning and then some of Merrill's family came over in the evening.  We had a ginger bread making contest and needless to say the kids where in heaven with all the sugar about.   Here are the final results. 

 Team 1
Team 2

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014 : Part 1

We had a fun and adventuresome Christmas with 3 boys this year.   And I have to admit I love the matching pajamas!  It was an eventful day spent with friends and family.  The train set was a big hit. And so is the bed head in all the pictures!   I love it. 

 So much for having someone else take our pictures


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Keeping It Real

Alright... I know I said I was going to go private (I was having a moment where I wanted to vent in this space but felt I couldn't), but decided that this blog helps me focus on all the good going on in my life despite all the crazy that goes on too.   Sometimes I want to vent on my blog about how hard this whole taking care of kids things is and how it turns my whole life upside down and I feel like I am going to loose it.   But those days tend to fade and the sun comes out eventually and there are these beautiful happy moments through out my day that I like to document here.  A couple of reasons I even keep this blog up is because 1.  It's transitions into a great little book each year  2.  So Max's birth mother can pop in and see updates on him (Hi N!!)  3.  We want to adopt and hope that potential BM's would find it informative 4.  My Dad read's it (Hi Dad!)  And that is pretty much it.   I haven't come right out and said this yet, but after 3 years of unsuccessful adoptions and lots of failed placements followed by heart breaks and disappointed hopes we just feel it's time to move on and stop hoping that our family will grow through that process.  Don't get me wrong - if a birth mother wants to place with us we have open arms, but yet I feel that a lot of birth mothers would be turned off by the fact that we take in children and care for them.  And can I just say, God is pretty awesome because when N (Max's birth mother) found out we were going that route she was so supportive of it since her parents did the same thing.... coincidence?! I don't think so).  I feel like F.C. has such a bad rape that it's pretty much like putting a big wart on our adoption profile picture for some birth mothers, but I don't really know.  Anyways.... I realized this plat form helps me 1. Keep up to date (although I haven't been very consistent for quite some time)  2. Helps me focus on all the sweet moments that go on around here  and 3. Helps me create keepsakes I know I will be so happy to have when I get older. 

One of these days I WILL get a picture of the three of them all smiling and looking at the camera

And while I'm being real here.... I know that God sends the right children to us and even though there are huge challenges with it, time is a great healer and helper.   These weeks/months of sweat and tears bring me to my knees, because I can't be calm and loving on my own.  I need His love and calm to help me.  I need His help like I need water - I suffer when I don't have it and so does my family.  If I want to go to bed without feeling like a failure or guilty for getting angry instead of being kind, I need Him in my life every single day.   I can't afford not to - or rather I pay the price when I don't.  Praying without ceasing has become a necessity for me, unlike when my life is calm and dare I say, easier.  I am climbing my mountain right now and it's hard, sweaty, and I get hurt along the way, but the accomplishment, joy, and blessings of it will far out weigh the struggle.  I know it so I just keep at it.  I've got this.  I can do this.  With Christ I can do all things who strengthens me.  (That's my mantra I say to myself each morning).   There were a couple of days I dreaded when the kids woke up from their naps, but with some power from prayer and the biggest blessing of having a mentor and a schedule in hand, I am finding more joy in the chaos.  Like tonight.....

Mister R

This little guy is keeping me on my toes!  What to say about our Mister R is that he is the sweetest boy.  There is so much to do to get him where he needs to be.  But I keep reminding myself that these things happen little by little.   I truly believe that God has sent him to us.... more for him to help me and to change me for the better and I hope I in turn I can help him.  It has been an adventure to say the least, with lots of adjusting for the kids, and sweet little moments along the way.