Saturday, August 29, 2015

Agriscape Part 4.... I think

I can't remember how many times I've blogged about our backyard now, but here is the latest.  It has come such a long way!!  And we are pretty much done with all the infrastructure so now it's onto the planning, planting, and maintaining.  Ignore the wire on the ground too - as that was part of a trellis I made that feel apart.   It's so nice that the grass is in now and I can't wait to build and paint Max's little picnic table for the fall season that is around the corner.  I can just see us now having our home school lessons on the picnic bench, on blankets, and the trampoline.  

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that this part of the yard is done.  It's been a work in progress since we started in November and we just now finished.... Well I still have lots of personality to add to it.  As you can see from the base layer of one of the many murals to come along once it cools off.  I also have lots of ideas for the stair way too.

Don't these stairs scream to be painted with some sort of fun phrase? I think so! 

This image is so show the tiers...  I'm thinking strawberry plants on the bottom tier? Or lettuce of some sort?  The top will be for all kinds of salad goodies.

We just planted a bunch of corn and it's doing so much better than my last batch - good to know that you need to plant them close together and in patches

This is a side view of our back wall.  Loving the planter beds that we put in and I totally stole the trellis idea from a friend of mine.  

One of my goals with this backyard is to have some whimsy and corky... I"m slowly working my way to it - I couldn't pass up this door.  Can't say Merrill loved it, but I sure do!  

 Still working on this patio --- It's a work in progress.  I'm thinking I'm going to stick to flowers in those metal containers instead of plants to make my life easier.  I'm thinking wild flowers?

More checkers.... what can I say I love them!  We will have this covered with mint come fall and every time you walk over it it will smell lovely

Can't wait to get this potato condo going in full swing... this is the first of several more to come

I love corky yard ornaments

Nothing really exciting about the side yard, but it is much cleaner than it was!  Can't wait to get that back section cleaned up from all our left overs so we can eventually buy a camper and start getting out to the great outdoors more

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tonto National Park

 We fell in love with Tonto National Park.  It truly was a beautiful and peaceful place that I would love to go back to again.  I can't believe how many times we've driven place this place without even a thought in the past.  So I am so grateful we had the thought to slow down and explore instead of zooming home.  If you get the chance it is worth the time to visit.  Can't wait to do more little trips like this in the future.  My dream is to get our camper and visit all the little treasures in Arizona before we venture out to other states.

We had a blast sliding all over these smooth travertine rocaks.  I think seeing the people lounging around in the pictures shows just how serene the place really was. 

 This was a little terrifiying but very cool at the same time.  This is the top portion of the bridge... if that makes sense.  And then there is this hole.  The park ranger told us it didn't used to have a gate over it - just a pole to tell people to look out
 Top view of the cave or whole
 The trip was great as it was, but the best part was getting the tip off from the park ranger about the history of the location and these black berry bushes!  We went to town picking - even if we did get poked.  Makes me excited for our future black berry bushes we have in the  back yard right now.

 We also spotted a pear tree and apple tree.  We couldn't resist and ate some of those too.
 Max is starting to get in the habit of losing teeth on our vacations - still can't believe he lost the other tooth on the way home.  I loves getting to see all these growing up stages he is going through :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pine Arizona

One our way home from the ward camp out we decided to take our time getting home and explore some of the sites on the way back.  Best decision ever.  First we stopped at Pine - basically because of this sign.  However after eating the ice cream we noticed the fine print.... Handmade "style" ice cream! Ha.  Oh well at least the atmosphere made up for what it lacked in handmadeness.  I was loving all the funky things around the place which gave it so much charm.

Merrill mentioned a honey stand so of course we had to go.  Can't wait to break into our pine flower honey!  Um

My attempt at capturing a family picture.... meh.  I just need to get better at asking people to take one for us.  PS As we were driving up we saw that next weekend is the 131 annual Rodeo on Payson!?!  I hope we get to go....  I have all my best laid plans to convince Merrill we should all go which basically includes finding all our cowboy attire and putting it out

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ward Camp Out

It was a nice break to get away from the Arizona heat and head up to cooler weather for our Ward Campout this weekend.  The drive was a bit longer than we realized, but well worth it for the cooler air.   I just love getting out of the city and heading towards this.  It makes my heart so happy.

Kind of funny how this is Max bright eyed before the trip - only one tooth missing... On the way home he lost his other bottom tooth and I have an identical picture to to match expect for one less
tooth and one tired looking boy

I want to frame this picture.  Once we were in the pines we had to roll the windows down and drink in the fresh air.  This picture says it all.  I had to refrain from posting 5 of these type of pictures because the are all so funny and I love seeing Max take in the air. I promise when I say candles were made to replicate this smell.  It was truly heavenly.

One of the highlights was seeing these cows right before we pulled into our camp site.  You can't really tell, but Max has been wanting to take more pictures lately.  So we got him a disposable camera and he was on cloud 9 with it.  I think this was his 2nd picture.  Can't wait to see what he took pictures off.

We woke up pretty early - so I took some time to go be with God and relish in this glorious world He has created.  Seeing things like this never gets old.  I so wish I lived out in the woods.

Max was romping all over the camp grounds with his "buddy Issac" These two have so much fun together.... and I'm pretty sure Max was ready for me to stop taking pictures of him

This homemade syrup was sooooo good.  I've got to learn how to do that.

I realized I didn't have any pictures of myself since I am usually the one carrying around the camera so thought I would take a quick one.... this is the best I could muster after 3 tries.  I called it good

This is the second time I have seen this flower and I can't seem to find any info on it online because I have no idea what it is called and my inability to describe it in a way google can help me seems to be at a loss.  **** Turns out Merrill knew what this flower is - It's a thistle and it's the flower of Scottland **** What a smart guy

We finished off our camp out by helping with an eagle project.  Max got more paint on himself than on the table it seemed.  I love building memories like this as a family.  Can't wait to do it some more.