Sunday, November 23, 2014

Max and D lately

How do I even begin to explain this sweet boy? 
 He is a gem.  Here are some of the sweet things he says and does lately.   

I start to vacuum the floor and Max asks, "Mom is it cleaning time?" I say yes and
 Max proceeds to pick up all on his own without me asking.

Today while I was reading in my room he pops in his head and asks,
 "Mom, do you want me to turn the fan on for you?"   

He and D had to part and Max said he needed to give D a hug and a kiss.

Max loves to dance and has the silliest dances I have seen.  The picture above of trying to capture
one of his signature dance moves. 

Max loves to cook and takes every opportunity to try to help me.  
Right now he is in training how to cook eggs.

This fellow is a ham and we can't help but smile every time he does.

D's vocabulary is exploding.  He is constantly repeating the most random words we say
and he will repeat at the most random times.  His favorite word right now is "go" 

I am amazed at how much he understands from us as well. 

He loves hats - hence the kids wearing these beanies for these pictures

He loves to nuzzle his head into blankets and stuffed animals

He is a snuggler!

He now has 12 teeth and is finally starting to fit into 12 month clothes even though he is 19 months old.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ostrich Farm Part 2

Part 2 of our adventure takes us to the goats!  The kids thought they were hilarious.  I did feel kind of bad for these goats trapped way up high. 

D was itching to feed one of these animals and the goat seemed the safest to me.  He was laughing historically every time the goat took some food from his hands.  I couldn't get enough of it.

These girls win for being the bravest with these birds.  For them this was the highlight of the trip

Max refused to hold out the cup for the birds to drink - so I helped him out - Only wish I got a picture when one landed on my head... just glad nothing came out of him when he did

The one and only Kat and her newest addition

Love these two more than they will ever know!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ostrich Farm Part 1

We took a little drive to visit Merrill's sister Kathryn in Casa Grande while her kids were on Fall Break. We love taking any chance we get to hang out with these fun cousins. We decided to be adventurous and check out the Ostrich Farm which was more like a glamorized animal feeding experience, if you can call feeding animals glamorized.   The kids loved it and they had some good laughs as did we. 

 Max loved seeing these eggs... they actually weighed quite a bit too
 While waiting for Kat to arrive Max entertained D with an ostrich feather -D loved it...obviously

 Merrill's other sister Ginger joined us on our adventure

 The goods

 Had to stop D before he ate this stuff * and no he didn't feed the Donkey - I wasn't about to let that happen with his sweet tiny hands
 And here are the deer - they where less intimidating to feed than the donkeys for the kids

 These two!  I love that Max has a cousin close in age

Love this boy!  And I love how he will randomly run up to me and will give me a kiss and hug.  Not sure why I deserve it, but I'll take it while I can get it.  Wish I could freeze him in this age for another year.  He is really growing up so fast...literally!  He is super tall for his age. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Hair Cut

It was time for this hair cut.  This boy kept getting mistaken as a girl and it was getting pretty unruly.
I am loving his new look!  I can't believe how much older he looks now.

 Side View

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Recap

When Max and I saw this outfit  we both knew it was a win.  He wore it non stop for the first couple of days and it's gotten its wear already - seeing how the hat is already broken.  Trying to figure out what to make D took some time but then it hit me - A dalmatian, thus allowing me to keep up with the themed costumes this year.  Plus D is obsessed with dogs so it was a perfect fit for him.  While we were trick or treating Max turned to me and said, "Mom, Halloween is so much fun, but I'm ready to go home now"  Apparently he had his fill after an hour. We are going to give the Switch Witch a try this year.  That is where he gives us his candy and the Switch Witch comes and gives him something like a coloring book/board game in exchange.   I'm all for anything that discourages the mass consumption of sugar. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

18 months

This cutie pie turned 18 months this month!  I can't believe it.  Here are some things we love about our little D. He loves to dance and any time he hears something that sounds remotely like music he stops what he is doing and will start to dance.  He will repeat the most random words he hears us say - some of his favorites are go, hi, and echo.  He has two top molars in his mouth and has two bottom ones making their way through.  He always sleeps with a blanket that he will bury his face into.  He is obsessed with dogs and stuffed animals.  He pretty much eats all stuffed animals he can get his hands on.  And his face will light up any time he sees a dog of any kind.  He is so tiny!  He can still wear 9 month old onesies!  His waist is so small that when he wears 12 month bottoms they will randomly fall down throughout the day at which point he will either step out of them or attempt to pull them up.  I just laugh thinking about him trying to pull them up.  His little personality is starting to come out more and I love being able to get to see it.
  We love having this sweet boy in our home. 

 Ha!  I know where he got this from!  This isn't the only thing he has copied from Max.

 This picture is going to go in a frame - It is so him!  Smiles and bright eyes ready to take off
Gosh - he looks so much like a little boy in this picture

When Dominic saw this picture he started to crack up.  Every time he does this I will peek through his legs and he gets a kick out of it.  I think seeing himself like this was just too much and he just started laughing his head off and it was adorable.

I thank God almost every day for the chance to have this little one in our lives.  He has done far more for us then we could possibly explain.  We are so lucky and blessed!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday Part 3

We decided to stop by and see the fish hatchery while we were near by.  Max got a kick out of it. 

By far the highlight of the trip was riding our bikes up on the ridge and to the lake.  It was heavenly!  The whole time I couldn't stop telling Merrill how this was the best birthday surprise and how lovely it all was.  This is something I told Merrill we have to do again!  I'm hoping we make it a tradition