Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birthday Part 1

This Mr. Wonderful surprised me and took our little family up to Payson for a day trip in the woods and mountains for my Birthday.   Best. Surprise. Ever.   He came home from work and told us all to pack and he wouldn't tell me where we were going.  But I picked up pretty quick when I saw the greenery springing up all around. I dream of the day we can live up in the woods away from the city and this little retreat was just what I needed.   We stayed at Khol's Ranch for the night and Merrill grilled and we explored and then made some Smore's.  It's little moments and trips like these that I love best.   The next morning we played and explored some more around Khol's and we all were in heaven!  Loved this time with my boys.... ironically I'm not even in the picture for my first Birthday series posts.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sea World

We decided to take a quick trip to California before Merrill's brother moves to Utah.  We decided to hit up Sea World and I have to say it seemed like Max liked this better than LegoLand and Disney.  As I pulled out my camera to take pictures I realized the battery was dead so I had to use my cell phone and let's just say I wasn't very good at documenting the day in great depth.   We avoided get wet till the very end.   At the last show Merrill and Max sat closer to the show area to get out of the heat and boy did they get drenched.  How I wish I had a camera to capture the glee in Max's face as the water came splashing down from the dolphins.  It. was. priceless.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Looks like I just needed a break from blogging for awhile in my life.  Thankfully life is slowing down and with perfect timing because Fall is here.  Which means it's under 100 here in Arizona.  Which means.... we can go outside and take walks, ride bikes, go to the parks, and other fun out door Fall Festivities.  And we've already done a lot of that already.  So I'll be catching up here with what we have been doing lately. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ode to Max in Pictures

 I realized I have a whole bunch of random Max pictures that I haven't even posted yet. 
 So here they are in all their Max glory!   

Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 Families Supporting Adoption Conference : Of One Heart

I know I've said this before, but I always wanted to help out with the FSA Committee ever since we adopted our son.  I was so flattered when I was asked to head up the Conference this year.  I had no idea how much time and work went into putting something like this together!  But it will be worth it in the end as we are having a great turn out so far and we anticipate we will see our registration numbers go up within the next month or so dramatically.  I love the theme that kept coming to my mind - Of One Heart.  It came from the scripture in Moses 7: 18 And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them. Having an open adoption is all about coming together and being Of One Heart and in so doing having "no poor among them".  To me that means all feel loved and lifted by the adoption experience and journey.  It sounds so pretty doesn't it, but the reality is it takes work by all parties to create that unity.  There are tears, frustrations, sadness, grief, joys, relief, satisfaction, peace, and a whole slew of words to describe the journey of adoption.  However I feel the end result can always end up as a blessing for all as the goal Of One Heart is sought for.  My hope with this conference is that all who attend will leave feeling inspired to do something to strengthen or improve their adoption relationships and to come closer together as well as leave with a new sense of what being Of One Heart can do for them.  I pray we can fulfill this purpose amongst all the to do list that seem to be never ending in the process of putting this event together.  Please feel free to share this flyer and pass the word along so we can help spread adoption awareness and strengthen families!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

House Update

Well things have come to a good stopping point in our house.  The biggest accomplishment is that it is completely livable and it is so much easier to keep clean!   That is my favorite part.  I really invested in getting things organized and getting ride of a TON of stuff!  How does one accumulate so much crap?  I didn't really go through and document all my organizing things I've done as that would have taken way too much time so instead I will refer you to the best organizing website ever -  I ended up doing her program and I think one of the biggest things I got from it was my organizing style.  I tended to go practical with organizing ie get the cheapest thing possible but realized that I am more motivated to keep things organized when everything is ascetically pleasing - which tends to cost more money, but money well spent because everything goes right back to where it belongs.   The only room left that needs some help is the laundry room.  I'm still working on little projects here and there and at some point we will finish the baseboards, board and baton, framing in the windows, painting the kitchen cabinets and crown molding.... to name a few.  So here we are now...
One of our favorite places.... the playroom.  And I must say I haven't found something I didn't love from the Land of Nod.... how does that place have so much cool stuff?

I thought about taking some time to make this room all nice and pretty, but the truth is it get's messed up in a blink of an eye so I figured it was fine the way it was.
 I am in love with our teepee
 Here is the heart of our home.  Max wanted to make sure he got in every picture I took of this room. We read, play, and hangout here most the time.  Funny thing is we hardly watch tv at all in this room.  Sometimes I think I should just get rid of that big black thing on the wall.
You may have noticed my quote isn't complete - they ran out of T's and E's
 And this boy was more than happy to smile for the camera

 This is probably my favorite room in the house.  We don't spend too much time in here but I am constantly
raiding my book shelves for a new book to read.  I love that they have doors too keep dust and little kid hands out.  And how in the world did I score to mismatch chairs that are the same design at a fraction of the cost of the originals.  What would I do without Downeast Home?  All I need to finish this room off is a coffee table.  I will know it when I see it I guess.... for now I haven't' found one.
 Who would have thought how some little vinyl heart stickers would make me smile so much! oh and our stairs... I originally wanted to put a runner on them but they are too pretty to do that too. And once the board and baton is done.... oh boy will it look top notch

 Max was begging to use my camera - I consented and here is one he got.... not bad for a 4 year old
 Another favorite part of this room - My beautiful new piano!! How I've wanted a piano for so long.  I always thought I would paint one but this one is too pretty I don't want to touch it.  Piano lessons start next month!!  So excited for that.
 This room is pretty much the same - I have no idea when we will ever get around to those cabinets. The project is do daunting!   I love the idea of going two tones, but we may just opt for white. 
This is where I keep most of our home organized!  Having this space figured out keeps the papers at bay the receipts from getting lost and my trusty schedule to keep me on task!  This area has changed the way I run my day to day activities. Thanks to -  I stole most all her office ideas and it has made such a difference.  Some favorite things about this space - see those colorful folders - I moved a bunch of my file cabinet stuff that I access regularly to there and what a difference that has made! 
 This is where I organize all my mail and papers!  It's a life saver.  
Who knew how helpful labeling things would be too!
This is where we put all our incoming and out going receipts and mail.  I have my weekly and monthly routines listed out next to it with a small cork board to put any important papers.  You should really see the inside of my drawers.... but they are kind of messy and I didn't want to bother with a picture.

So that's most the place right now.... still more to do with the Max's room - mine is pretty much done.  So we are on our way, but we are taking a break from the house and we just hired an agricultural landscaper, Justin Rohner, who is going to work with us for the next year to turn our dead/dying backyard into a food producing beauty!  It's called Agriscaping and we will be starting our yard plan next week!!