Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

We got all our Christmas stuff out and our halls are decked.  Max was beyond excited.  It was a merry time  playing Christmas music and seeing this little boy light up over it all.   I'm not one for decor for the holidays but when I decided on getting some I bought all matching kinds so it would look nice.  I've been reading Little Men and after learning from it I  decided this year to give up on having an adult tree and to just embrace the sweetness of a tree full of mismatched ornaments handmade and gifted by those I love.  I was reminded in the book of how important it is to treat child playthings and fancies with respect.  I've been known to throw rocks, dead bugs in jars, and such out to keep the house less cluttered but realize my error in disposing of Max's little treasures - so I decided that I want to embrace and honor his little collections and trinkets of his youth.  

Max requested to have the above and below pictures taken - I love how proud he is of his tree.  I loved seeing him light up as he put on his homemade ornaments from last year and looked at all the different ones we've collected. 

I decided to start a tradition of buying ornaments each year for each kid of mine so they have a collection when they move on if they want it.  Here is one I got for the year little D was born.  How we miss that sweet boy.  He is always in our hearts and prayers.  I find hope in knowing that after this life we will know each other and he will know how I loved him. 

Max declared this was his favorite ornament yet - This was the year he started swim lessons and here he is today still swimming.  I like to find ornaments that represent something in his life.  Anyone know where I can find cute vegetable or fruit ornaments (in honor of our backyard that Max loves to play in and help with) 

And of course the most important part of Christmas.  I am so grateful for my Savoir.  My desire is to know Him better and learn to trust Him implicitly heart and soul when it comes to promptings and moving forward with important decisions in my life.  One thing I remind myself of often is His love for me especially when I don't feel deserving or worthy.  I know He is there and provided a way so that I can keep trying and being more like Him and even though I won't ever get tot that point I know He still loves me and there is still a way back to Him.  There always will be.  

Can't really see the star - I will have to do another one at night sometime.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Thanksgiving is always such a fun and busy holiday.  We usually stop by my family's house first as usual and the food was divine.  It was nice to catch up with my little sister and brother who was in town.  He has been gone for a couple of years for the army so it's nice to have him home safe.

 After the food was all eaten up Max was ready to go seeing how is was the only kid.  I re-discovered the swing in my grandma's yard and we spent a good amount of time out there together. 

We couldn't pass up an opportunity to feed the ducks 

And I couldn't leave out this picture that Max asked to take of the ducks.

 Afterward we went to Merrill's parents and celebrated with his family.  Merrill's grandma Marg is 97 and I was asked to take some pictures of her with all her kids who came from all over to see her.

After all these pictures I pretty much forgot about my camera 

Till I found Max outside with grandpa building a hug fire.... he was in heaven 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Agriscape Update 5....6??

Well things are moving along our agriscaping journey.  We are seeing progress and still have lots to learn.  I feel like I'm starting to figure out how to use all this food.  So far our favorite has been roasted radishes!! Yum.   It's nice to see the once dirt areas now filled with plants, however the once filled areas are now dirt.  If I can get them in sync.... that would be magical.

How do you like that nice tear in our trampoline?  Can't believe that happened.  Getting a new on under warranty and thinking we will get some new springs while we are at it.   

I need to work on my "casting" technique  ie spreading seed evenly. Eventually I'll figure out how to get everything filled out in green and color 

I love having these little gnomes around the garden - always on the look out for something quirky to add to the garden 

We have enjoyed using the trampoline for school stuff - jumping around on letters and numbers....
And it's been fun to take some family pictures in this back yard of ours - here is one of my recent sessions with my dear friend Cherise

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Slow and Steady

Life is pretty awesome right now.  The wedding season is coming to a close and days don't seem to fly by and I can hardly remember what I did during the day.  I love when life slows down in our house.  I feel like I have time to focus on what matters most to me because my commitments and responsibilities aren't pulling me in all different directions.  And more time to take these kinds of pictures - melt my heart!  How we love this little boy of ours.

And I didn't want to leave out this picture Max took - He loves taking pictures and here are his favorite stuff animals that he got and lined up just so he could take a picture of them