Wednesday, September 30, 2015

San Fran Part 4

This post series just keeps going and going... I couldn't  believe we had over 600 pictures after we got home!  So I'm just including little bits that will be fun to look at in the future.  This day was the much anticipated visit to Alcatraz!  We were all excited and it didn't disappoint.   Very intriguing.  This man is introducing this guy who was in prison at Alcatraz for 3 years.  He has turned his life around and published a book about what it was like from a prisoners stand point.

Couldn't pass up this view

And boy was it cold and windy that day 

 We found a food truck that had Fish and Chips called for the Love of Cod - kind of cute
after our visit to the island - it was sooooo good

On our way home we learned there was a free cable car museum so we stopped by.  Max really wanted a picture in front of this old cable car

On the walk back to our resort I kept seeing these beautiful spots that would be perfect for pictures - so Merrill said let me take some - which lead to us taking picture of each other seeing who could get the most candid pictures

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

San Fran Part 3

Here is a picture of us in front of our resort.  It's an old Victorian house that was converted into a restort and it was quite quaint. This morning we made our way to the Academy of Science at the Golden Gate Park.  It entertained us for hours!  My favorite feature was the earth quake simulations - I can't even imagine living through one and what it would truly be like.  They had all kinds of treasure that we loved exploring.

I love this picture because I know I have an identical somewhere in my archives of Max doing this same thing as a 2 or 3 year old.

We finished up the day walking around Chinatown.  It was much nicer walking around at dusk than during the day - not so crowded.... not sure I ever mentioned I'm not a big fan of crowds

Sunday, September 27, 2015

San Francisco Part 2

It was a lovely 2nd day.  We took a bus over to the Golden Gate Park.  The Rose Garden was just lovely.  I could have spent the whole time just sitting there taking it all in.  It was a little slice of heaven in the busy city.

Max enjoys taking pictures and so we handed it over to him to explore.  That boy took over 100 pictures of plants/trees/grass and the like.  These next ones are some of my favorite of his.

If you look really close you can see Max taking a picture reflected in Merrill's sunglasses and myself.

We then took a nice bike ride to the Golden Gate Bridge.  We didn't plan on doing that this day but it just worked out best.  Boy was I unprepared!! What I thought would be a nice leisurely ride was far from that.   I should have been wearing work out cloths.  Those hills are killer!

Victory - We made it to the top - Don't be fooled by those faces - we are tired

After we finished our ride Max was back on the camera!  See following pictures below

We were exhausted and the walk up the hill to the hotel was just too daunting.  We decided to hitch a ride on the cable car - even though it meant waiting quite a bit. Well worth the wait to rest our weary feet and legs.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

San Francisco - Part 1

We just got back from a family trip to good ol' San Francisco : )   It's a trip we've been planning for quite some time and we were all excited to get there and start exploring.   Some things that made this trip a success would have to be the transportation apps!  We would be lost without those (literally) not to mention a lot of the tension that getting lost brings that was avoided so hurrah for technology (I don't say that often).   We started the first day off at Pier 39.

Max lost interest with the sea lions after about 3 minutes.  The sun got to him pretty fast and he was ready to move on.  I could have sat and had a picnic there for hours just watching these beautiful and playful creatures.

 We decided to get City Passes - another thing that really helped our trip go smoothly.  Plus we got to get into several cool places that we may not have gone to.  Max was pretty obsessed with the string rays at the Aquarium of the Bay. It's all he wanted to do was try to pet one.

We couldn't pass up the chance to have some clam chowder from Chowders - And the crab was delicious!

After lots of walking and sweating - we found a Ben and Jerry's.   Don't know why but having it on a waffle cone was so much nicer than from the freezer section.

This pretty much sums up our first day - it was a great start.