Monday, January 20, 2014

9 months

This little one is now 9 months!  That means he will be one in 3 more months and that is just crazy!!  Lately it seems that this little guy can't get enough of me.  If someone else is holding him and he sees me he cries - I feel like I have to duck and dive anytime someone else holds him.  He is starting to crawl faster and faster with his army crawl and he is teetering forwards and back wards on his knees now.  The cutest thing yet is when he is on our bed he does this head diving crawl where he just propels  himself forward landing face first into the bed. Thankfully he hasn't attempted that on the floor yet! I am looking for little things he can try to pull himself up to standing on but he seems to prefer crawling and trying to climb up on me most the time (maybe because I am there to catch him and he knows it).   Turns out he won't be getting all the therapy as we had anticipated for insurance reasons which is kind of a relief for my calendar so we will continue doing what we have been doing and plugging away with that.   He gets very frustrated when he has to eat his baby food when everyone else around his is eating big people food - so much so that he screams and fusses until I give him something that isn't a solid. I'm pretty sure this kid knows how to play me like a fool with all his crying and complaints to be held and I cave mostly so 1.he stops crying and 2. he probably needs it considering all he has been through.  But I'll take all the cuddles and hugs I can knowing our time is limited.  Happy 9 months sweet d.
  ps chubby baby fingers with dimples are the best!