Wednesday, February 27, 2013

staying busy - in the right way

Life is good!  To keep this simple and to the point here are bullet points of our goings on

- 2 weeks left of our foster care training
- Max is testing again for speech
- We are planning a DisneyLand aka Cars Land trip : )
- The house is clean - regulary
- Merrill is working 20 hours over time these last couple of weeks (luckily - most of it is at home)
- Working on implementing things I keep telling myself I will do - like menu planning and daily activities with Max
- Wedding season is staring - 6/7 weddings booked
- All condos have active leases!!
- Our backyard vision is slowly coming to life
- Max has a yucky cough but just have to let it run it's course
- We are learning lots
- Can't wait for the Ostrich Festival
- Just returned a DNA test and can't wait to get the results back for Max to
find out his heritage from
- Feeling excited and nervous about Foster Care
- Singing Time is getting better
- Merrill still has his beard and looks dashing
- I am finding I am taking less pictures - maybe it's because the more I take out my iphone to snap one Max says "No Pictures!" and runs away
- Max can count to 10
- Max knows almost all his letters