Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas ReCap: Part 2 - Talent Show & Nativity

 We had our 2nd annual New Years Eve Talent Show.  Since I was MC'ing the event I wasn't thinking about pictures... but I did manage to snap this one of my lovely sister-in-laws : )  I was a little skeptical of having all the kiddos do the Nativity story re-enactment, but it was too cute for words!  So I am sure this will be added to our list of traditions.  
 I used the same "manager" outfit that Max wore last year for our ward Christmas party - Max was reluctant at first until he saw everyone else dressed up that he got a "staff" to hold.  During the show he kept reaching over to baby Jack and petting his arm.  It was so cute.

 Love all the dad's dressed up as the wise men - and hello Merrill in a butterfly robe... priceless!  I think I might be rubbing off on him after all these years