Thursday, November 15, 2012

In 5 months time....

I can't believe in 2 months Max will be 2.5 years old?  He is looking more and more like a little boy.   I am pretty sure I mentioned Max needs speech thearpy   Through a series of events I decided I wanted to try my personal insurance first - but that was a no go either.  So we are back to square one and I had another meeting with the state speech therapist and we are going to move down that route.   Max is right on target for everything developmentally.  He has Initial Constant Deletion which means he doesn't say the first sound of 80% of his words - which makes it hard to understand what he is saying, especially if there isn't something there to help us figure out what he is talking about.  But it also adds a lot of humor to our conversations too!   So, as we were talking about a plan for Max and they brought up the fact that Max would qualify for the preschool program.   She raved about our school district and how it is geared to help children learn their language skills (drill and kill) is what she called it.  I always wanted to put Max in a montessori preschool first - but as I've been thinking about his options I think it is better for him to be in a place that is meant to help him with his speech and see him improve in that area.  I don't want his speech to be a barrier when he goes to preschool/kindergarden and people can't understand him - that maybe hard on him.   So I am feeling pretty positive we will move forward with this route.  She also mentioned that kids can start going to preschool when they are 2 and 9 months old..... that is only 5 months from now.  I didn't think much of it at the time since we were discussing other things... but over the past couple of days it's been sinking in.   I'm sure it is common for some moms to feel sad to see their children grow and leave the nest and while this is very true - I am more sad about the fact that my house will be empty while he is gone.   He is my little helper... when the speech therapist were asking what he does for play I mentioned his cars, blocks, and he helps me out.  I love when we get working together - he's like my little side kick.  Or maybe it's not the fact that he will be gone but more of the fact that I don't have younger children home with me while he is away.   I'm sure we will adopt another child, but how long or rather how old will Max be when that happens?   I always wished my kids would be close in age and now I'm just hoping they aren't more than 3 years apart.   Oh how much easier it would be if I could just say - let's have a baby.... and have one.   But alas, our life is one only God seems to know and that gives me comfort.  And oh how grateful I am we have our sweet boy Max!  He is a ray of sunshine in our lives. I know it will all work out - as things always do - but this news had a weird way of bringing up all the emotions of trying to have children and not being able to from years ago.   It seems a life time ago when we were in that situation.  How life with Max has been so much more full!  We love having him in our family - we feel so lucky and privileged to get to be his parents!  We can't imagine life without him.   Sure it has it's moments and they are hard (ie having Max leave the coop 3 days a week 2 hours a day!!) but to quote my friend Bekah - she has a way of saying things that makes me wish I said things that way - motherhood is hard work but the good always seems to far outweigh the bad! Couldn't have said it better myself. 

Onto other news - life is wonderful!  I can finally keep my house clean and my how nice that is. I am all done with weddings for the season!!! We go biking riding as a family almost every night and the cool air is delicious!  I just love drinking it in.  I love the feel of holidays in the air and Christmas seems to have an extra special feel about it - maybe because we have been seeing it everywhere since September!  But now it really is just around the corner and I'm itching to listen to holiday music - but I'm trying oh so hard to wait till after Thanksgiving - I can't wait to put new traditions in place and to see Max get to experience it all!!!  Yipee - One of the best things hands down is watching your child experience childhood - even though he won't remember it - I will and I can tell him all about it... actually maybe that is why it is so fun because I can't seem to remember much from when I was little which is a shame because I'm sure it was pretty amazing ; )  I'm dying to watch It's a Wonderful Life and I'm looking forward to reading the Christmas Carol.   It really is one of the most wonderful times of the year :)  And what's a post without some fun pictures

 Max has a terrible habit of picking at the dry skin on his lips - we've tried to put chapstick on them and give him more water so they won't peel, but he seems to find a way to get at them - this time he mad his lip bleed and if he sees blood the only thing to make it right is a car's band aid - needless to say this one didn't last very long

 I love how he is sticking his belly out - such a cute boy - oh and notice another car's bandaid!  Seriously this kid seems to always be getting hurt somehow - it's got to be the head - I think it's too heavy and he looses balance

How we love our nightly bike rides and I'm so glad Max still fits in his seat - not sure what we will do once he grows out of this one